Residential Administrative Services

Boxer Upper Valley, POB 5463, West Lebanon, New Hampshire 03784 TEL: 603-448-8808

• Maintain local office.

• Maintain 24-hour on call service.

• Routine checks of the property.

• Assist owner with property management issues.

• Adhere to policies and procedures of the property.

• Develop preventive maintenance schedules.

• Bid and negotiate routine & special maintenance contracts.

• Supervise all maintenance contractors.

• Review and monitor current and future vendor agreements assuring the quality and performance of work is consistent with the owner’s standards.

• Prepare monthly management and maintenance reports.

• Prepare recommended projects list for owner.

Rental and Tenant Services

• Arrange advertising for vacant units.

• Arrange for completion of prospective tenant applications.

• Show units to prospective tenants.

• Perform reference checks on all prospective tenants.

• Complete lease agreements for appropriate signatures.

• Collect and deposit monthly rent checks, security deposit and pay all invoices when due.

• Manage tenant inquiries, requests, complaints and emergencies.

• Inspect units prior to and at end of lease.