Commercial Management Services

Boxer Upper Valley, POB 5463, West Lebanon, New Hampshire 03784 TEL: 603-448-8808

Commercial Sales & Leasing, Representing Buyers and Sellers

• Maintain a local office and maintain a 24-hour Emergency on call service.

• Adhere to policies and procedures of the property.

• Develop preventive maintenance schedules.

• Bid and negotiate routine maintenance & special maintenance contracts.

• Supervise all maintenance and repair work.

• Prepare recommended project list for the Owner.

• Manage the operational and financial services.

• Walk and inspect the property periodically to observe the specific and overall quality of services being provided.

• Obtain and submit to the Owner - bids for work requested, or as recommended by the Managing Agent. Supervise any such work authorized by the Owner.

• Assist the Leasing Agent with the leasing of any vacant space.

• Attend any meetings as requested.

Financial Services

• Maintain financial records including general ledger, reserve accounts, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

• Collect and deposit monthly rents/fees and receivables due from others.

• Report to the Owner any fees overdue by more than 30 days.

• Disburse funds for services rendered.

• Prepare and furnish monthly and year-end financial statements.

• Prepare and monitor annual budgets as requested.

• Have yearly tax returns prepared as requested.

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